Pullman Ermator W250 P Wet/Dry Slurry Vacuum by Husqvarna


Pullman Ermator W250 P Wet/Dry Slurry Vacuum by Husqvarna

Pullman W 250 P is a compact powerful industrial duty wet and dry vacuum. With an evacuation pump, this item is perfect for picking up concrete slurry, oil and other industrial bu products and dumping it off the jobsite for clean construction. The W 250 P is ideally suited for concrete drilling, sawing and grinding.


  • Removable Inlet Scoop: for removing and cleaning strainer and unplugging clogs
  • Patented float system provides maximum airflow and reliable wet shut-off in case of overfill
  • Powerful evacuation pump is capable of pumping the slurry 33 ft. (6 m) vertically or 656 ft. (150 m) horizontally
  • Integral Stainless Steel Strainer: screens large objects from liquids
  • Easy-grip Rubber Wand Sleeve: less operator fatigue, shields hands from metal and extreme temperature
  • Motor: 2.1 HP, 2-stage by-pass
  • Cast aluminum swivel hose lock: no hose binding or air leaks
  • Tank: 15 Gallon brushed stainless steel
  • Steel clamps: provides air-tight seal
  • Wire basket: for convenient tool storage
  • Galvanized steel dolly: with 4" swivel casters and 10" rear pneumatic wheels
  • Hose: 1.5" x 10 ft. crush able hose
  • 5 ft. Steel and 17 in. floor tool: floor tool comes with adjustable height

Pullman Ermator W 250 P Vacuum Specifications
Voltage120 V
Power2.1 hp
Airflow160 CFM
Max Rated Current13 Amps (10A Vac/ 3A pump)
Vacuum Water Lift100"
Dimensions20.9" x 20.5" x 35.8"
Weight59 lb.
Product Code967702104

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