Husqvarna K1270 Rail Saw + RA10


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Husqvarna K1260 Rail Saw + RA10

An exceptional lightweight concrete saw, the Husqvarna 1270 replaces the reliable 1260 with a few key improvements. This saw kit is still perfect for railroad maintenance crews that need to make quick, accurate repairs. It maintains a high rate of power output and productivity, keeping your job moving.

New Model Improvements

    • Built-in automatic filter compensation maintains high power

    • Ensures easier startup by reducing cylinder compression

    Active Air Filtration
    • Two-step, filtration system with centrifugal cleaning and a single paper filter increases product life and extends service intervals.


  • Cutting rails in maintenance work on train, tram and underground rail systems
  • Equipped with double attachment mountings to allow cutting from both directions
  • Fast, stable mounting of the attachment on the rail
  • Active air filtration keeps filter cleaner, longer
  • Exact, right-angle cuts in all planes
  • Heavy concrete cutting
  • Pile cutting
  • Asphalt cutting
  • Dismantling work (auto, ship, airplane etc.)
  • Pipeline cutting
  • Demolition work

Husqvarna K1260 Rail Saw Specifications
Blade Size16 inch
Power (Gas)7.8 hp / 5,800 W
No Load RPM4,700
Arbor1 inch
Depth of Cut6 inch
Weight47 lbs

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