Ariens Professional 36" EZ-Launch EFI 420cc Two Stage Blower


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Features for the Ariens Professional 36

Ariens introduces the Pro 36 Hydro EFI, designed for those hefty duty tasks. The Hydro model offers ever lasting speed (no shifting gears) up to 2.6 mph. Offering professional performance just as all our Ariens products provide. This snow blower will turn the heads of those neighbors of yours.

Starts in Two Simple Steps: 1. Turn the Key.   2. Pull starter cord, or press the electric start button). Quicker and easier than dealing with a primer and choke system.

Electronic Governor: Delivers consistent engine power while increasing fuel efficiency.

Two Power Modes: Efficiency mode runs quieter and uses less fuel. Power mode increase engine power to tackle tougher jobs, heavier snowfalls.

Completely Sealed: No adjustments necessary and fuel won't deteriorate or gum up system in the off season.

  • 36 inch Clearing Path: Able to clear away 36 inch width of snow. Saves yourself time while offering efficient snow clearing.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: Gives you the ability to change the speed without shifting gears. Provides you with a smoother ride while clearing off that snow.
  • Ariens AX EZ-Launch 420cc EFI Engine: Able to start up in 20 degree weather, this engine gives you one less thing to worry about so you can keep your focus on removing that snow.
  • Commercial Grade Handle Bars: Gives you that vigorous look that all Ariens snow blowers offer. Provides sturdy and strong grip, gives you maximum control while plowing.
  • Freeze Resistant 14 inch, 3 Blade and 16 inch Auger: Able to withstand the most frigid temperatures, performance never slides in cold temperatures and always stays reliable.
  • Molded Friction Disk: Has fewer parts within. Provides an easy service and performance when in use.
  • Auto-Turn Steering: Automatically senses change in direction as your turning. Allows changing of direction to be a lot smoother and easier.
  • Heated Hand-warmers: Keeps your hands warm as if your by a campfire. Allows more time to stay on the snow blower along with a better grip for yourself.
  • 16 inch Snow Tread Tires: Provides an accurate grip upon any snow surface. Makes sure your snow blower is staying on course removing snow.
  • Interlocking Controls Offers the option to lock both handles. Gives you time to adjust chute rotation while your on the go.
  • Drift Cutters: Able to extend beyond the height of the auger. Knocks down towering drifts into the auger process.
  • Quick Turn Chute Control: Rotates up to 200 degrees and able to adjust discharge angle. Provides a broad range to eliminate snow.

Technical Specs for the Ariens Professional 36*

Slide ShoesIncluded
Hand WarmersIncluded
Electric Start120V
Remote Chute RotationYes
Drift CutterIncluded

Starting Systemelectric/recoil
Gross Torque21.0 ft-lbs

Engine Specification

Clearing Width (in.)36 inches

Chute System
Chute Turning Radius (degrees)200 quick turn
Deflector ControlRemote

Residential Warranty3 year Limited
Commercial Warranty90 day Limited

Electric StartYes

Engine BrandAriens AX by LCT

Drive System
Tire Size16"X6.5"

HandleCommercial Grade 

Drive System
Drive TypeHydrostatic

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